Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fall Writing Classes

Kick-Start Your Muse
This Writing-intensive class is loaded with prompts, suggestions, and inspiration to get your poetic muse into action! You will play Poetry Poker, translate the work of established poets, share ideas and phrases, and master forms like the sonnet and villanelle. The final two classes will employ analysis and critique, culminating in a public reading of your own poems.(Ages 18+)
Instructor: Carol Clark Williams, poet laureate emeritus of York
Location: YorkArts@CityArts, 118 W. Philadelphia St.,York
Wednesdays(4), 6-8pm, Oct.3-24
$95/$85 for members

Out/Loud Poetry Workshop 
Discover your hidden orator. Learn simple techniques to read to an audience with confidence and effect. This workshop will transform murmurs into music and rambling into rhapsody. Classes are driven by student performance and group critique. (Ages 14+)

Instructor: Keith Baughman
Location: YorkArts Gallery, 10 N. Beaver St., York
Sundays(3), 3-5pm, October 14-28
$30/$20 for members

Write Travel Articles
Do you dream of getting articles published? Your dream can become reality once you learn the simple keys to presenting your unique story in a way that captures readers' attention. You don't have to trek to Africa to write interesting travel articles: every place is worth writing about. For unpublished and published writers.(Ages 16+)
Instructor: Beth Fowler
Location : YorkArts@CityArts, 118 W. Philadelphia St., York
Saturday, Oct. 20, 9am-noon
$35/ $30 for members

Poetry in Prom Attire
Who says you could never write a poem? Learn the basics of poetic devices, language, meter, and rhyme through these various workshops. Then use them to create your own classic poem.(Ages16+)
Instructor: Carol Clark Williams, poet laureate emeritus of York
Location : YorkArts@CityArts, 118 W. Philadelphia St., York
Sundays, 1-2:30pm
$25/$20 for members

Oct. 21: The sonnet
The sonnet is a rhymed and metered form of 14 lines

Oct.28:Variations on the Sonnet(Oct.21 class is required)

Nov.4: The Pantoum
The pantoum is a poem based on line repetition.

Nov.11: The Villanelle
The villanelle is a form 19 lines long with only two rhyme sounds

Nov. 18:The Sestina
The Sestina is a poem of six stanzas with repeated end words.

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