Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writing Classes and Workshops

Telling stories instead of always reading from a book, is a fun and creative way to present a story. But, like music and dance, it is an art form that needs to be practiced. Strategies and techniques on how to effectively tell a story, bringing it to life, are demonstrated, and participants will have an opportunity to use these skills to tell a story. This is an excellent workshop for parents, grandparents, teachers, speakers and presenters - or anyone involved in communicating with others.
Instructor: Judy Wolfman, Professional Story Teller
Location: YorkArts@CityArt
March 16; 10:30-11:30am
$20   Ages 18+

Writing Artist Statements
There is no template for an artist statement, but there are some simple guidelines to make the writing process easier and the final product truly reflective of you and your work. In this workshop we will discuss some effective strategies you can employ to ensure that your artist statement is the best that it can be, and that readers will have a clearer sense of who you are and why you create after reading your statement.
Instructor: Carole Poppleton-Schrading
Location: YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St York
Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5; 1-3pm
$40   Ages 16+

Kick-Start Your Muse
This Writing-intensive class is loaded with prompts, suggestions, and inspiration to get your poetic muse into action! You will play Poetry Poker, translate the work of established poets, share ideas and phrases, and master forms like the sonnet and villanelle. The final two classes will employ analysis and critique, culminating in a public reading of your own poems.(Ages 18+)
Instructor: Carol Clark Williams, poet laureate emeritus of York
Location: YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St York
Wednesdays (4), 6-8pm, May 8-29
$85 Ages 18+
Finding Your Own Story
If you're thinking about pulling together your memoirs as a legacy for your family, but you're not able to dig deep enough into your memory bank to pull out your stories - this workshop will help. Using several techniques and triggers, you'll bring the memories to the surface, then construct them into personal stories that can be told, or written, for others to enjoy.
Instructor: Judy Wolfman, Professional Story Teller
Location: YorkArts@CityArt
Saturday, June 1; 10am-1pm
$60 Ages 18+

Introduction to Memoir                
In this introductory workshop, students will be asked to tap into several powerful memories in order to gather material for writing. We will attempt to understand the genre of memoir by reading excerpts from published memoirists and then discussing strategies employed within those texts. We will also practice our own prose through a series of timed in-class writings (flash or sprint memory writings) and at-home writing assignments that will focus on specific areas, such as sensory details, dialogue and structure. Since this is a workshop, students will be asked to share their written work in small groups and in open readings to the class.
Instructor: Carole Poppleton-Schrading
Location: YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St York
Tuesdays, June 4-25; 10am-Noon
$80   Ages 18+

Techniques and Strategies for Reading Aloud
Do you enjoy reading stories to your child? Can you bring the story to life? Reading aloud is more than merely reading words on the page; it's how you read those words that are important. You'll discover various techniques, such as expressiveness, inflection, and pause for effect in this class, and will have an opportunity to practice them. We'll also cover questioning techniques, interaction with your child, and several subtle educational aspects of reading aloud. Please bring one or two of your child's favorite books to use in class.
Instructor: Judy Wolfman, Professional Story Teller
Location: YorkArts, 10 N Beaver St York
Saturday, July 13; 10:30-11:30am
$20 Ages 18+

The Elements of Poetry Series
In this workshop, we'll define the elements of poetry that apply to the experience of writing in our time.  We'll talk about the true meaning of inspiration and find the balance between improvisational and compositional methods, between structural concerns and play of mind.
Instructor: Keith Baughman
Location: YorkArts Gallery, 10 N Beaver St York 
Sundays, 3-5pm
$30, each session   Ages 14+

May 5- 19: BANG! A Poem
July 7- 21: Re / Vision
September 4-18: Hello Walls

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